Volunteers, Survivors and Windfalls!

 So I have finished tidying up and filling in the spaces in the first of the back terraced beds. I feel this is going to be a lengthy process, but rewarding. There were a lot of spaces to fill in as this bed had been almost completely destroyed by the drought but fortunately there is also a resurgence of volunteer plants in the garden and some survivors that I haven't seen for a few years are making their way back as well. The Coriander has gone to seed several times and is rewarding me a with a veritable carpet of coriander, these volunteer plants seem to be so much hardier than those that I buy or the first crop from new seeds. I guess they have acclimatized. I will have coriander and lime ready for Easter so there will be some Asian inspired dishes on the menu. 

There is also Italian Parsley coming up everywhere, its not as advanced as the coriander but will last much longer and the bees just love the flowers. It will fill a lot of spaces up.

The Dill is not as prolific but I am so glad to have some strong healthy plants back. Dill is so delicious and has so many uses in the kitchen, I just love it in scrambled eggs!

Peter bought home a tray of seedlings that had been donated to the Craft Shop, Lemongrass, Curry Plant and Asparagus and while they were not what I would have purchased they filled in a few gaps. I have planed, snipped, weeded and mulched, more attention than this bit of the garden has had for a few years and I am now ready to move onto the next terraced bed. 


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