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A Wet Weekend

We have had a wet weekend! We think the first ever since we have lived here. It started to rain on Friday night and rained on and off until Monday morning. Not a huge total of rain but over the last week or so we have had about 40 mls. We are delighted. It felt so restful to have a wet weekend. Time to do all those slow inside jobs of sorting things out etc. Although to tell the trust we didn't really do a whole lot of anything.
Things are really coming along in the garden now and there are quite a lot of pretty spots. Everything is very green as well but there are too many weeds for my liking. I don't mind some of the weeds but want to get rid of the Patterson's curse and some of the other broad leaf things.
My strategy is to outgrow them in this manner.
The Wormwood is particularly good as i never water it and it just keeps on growing.
The Borage has come up from seed the past few years as has the Italian parsley you can just see in the background behind the tub.