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Life on the farm

I am feeling inspired about social media connections and the possibilities of supportive online communities about all things farming. I often feel that my ideas about sustainable and organic farming are not well supported in the environment in which we live so go online to find ideas and resources and there are many. I have been playing around with Instagram and following lots of interesting blogs and podcasts about farming, organics, food, cooking and creativity in general so I thought I would give my blog a bit of an overhaul and try to get back in the habit of posting.
What is uppermost in my farming mind at present is the state of our paddocks and soil. We had a really harsh autumn, the stock were not moved enough and as a result our paddocks became quite degraded and run down. We really should have started supplementary feeding months before we did.
Now we have had a wet winter and an amazing start to spring, things are starting to recover but we have also decided to introduce s…