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Moving the tank

Our house has a cement tank adjoining the front veranda! A bit of an eyesore and ever since we lived here Peter has planned to move it. Much to the amusement of the neighbours who say it cant be done.
Today is tank moving day, if it works it will save $3000 the price of a replacement tank and allow for the veranda to be extended to maximize the view.
Getting ready
Called for reinforcements
Rod to the rescue with the big tractor
This is what has to be moved

Its on its way
First stage accomplished
Mission accomplished
With the help of my mate
Tank in its new location

Turkeys and Ducks

Now that we have some grass the turkeys are free ranging far and wide. They go all over our big front paddock. So far they are coming home to roost before it gets dark. The last lot of turkey chicks did not grow very quickly as it was so dry and feed so scarce but this lot are almost indistinguishable from the older ones.

As we have finally concluded that our ducks are all ducks! We have borrowed a drake from a guy at Peter's work. Now that we have a drake we can see that drakes are obviously larger than the ducks and have more red on their beak. So far the ducks are still not laying but hopefully they will soon and then we can set them.
The Drake is the handsome one nearest the corrugated iron wall.

My first attempt at Croissants

I have been thinking lately that it must be possible to cook almost anything at home as in the past there were no shops or prepared foods. So when I saw a cooking show about making croissants I thought I'm going to have a go at that. There is no reason that croissants need to come from the baker or the supermarket freezer.

As it was a rainy day today I thought now was the time to give it a go.
A bit more research of recipes and I set to.
It wasn't hard at all ..just required some patience and I'm sure that I will improve my technique but I couldn't be more pleased with the results.
Enough croissants for Peter and I for a couple of months at the cost of about two dollars!!