Life on the farm

I am feeling inspired about social media connections and the possibilities of supportive online communities about all things farming. I often feel that my ideas about sustainable and organic farming are not well supported in the environment in which we live so go online to find ideas and resources and there are many. I have been playing around with Instagram and following lots of interesting blogs and podcasts about farming, organics, food, cooking and creativity in general so I thought I would give my blog a bit of an overhaul and try to get back in the habit of posting.
What is uppermost in my farming mind at present is the state of our paddocks and soil. We had a really harsh autumn, the stock were not moved enough and as a result our paddocks became quite degraded and run down. We really should have started supplementary feeding months before we did.
Now we have had a wet winter and an amazing start to spring, things are starting to recover but we have also decided to introduce s…

Border Collie Love

It seems like once you have a Border Collie for a pet any other dog breed just seems unacceptable. Our first Border Collie "Steffi", adopted us, we didn't have her very long but fell in love with her energy and intelligence. Then we got Patch, he was a great dog, family pet, weather forecaster, he was frightened of thunderstorms so if we were all away from home he would turn up at the neighbours hours before a storm! They came to know that a visit from patch meant a thunderstorm was headed their way. We had patch for 9 years and were bereft when he was hit by a car and died. We said at that point that having dogs was too sad and that we wouldn't get another one. Within the year we had Angus, such a beautiful boy. Angus is the dog in the banner above. He helped raise Zoe and was broken hearted when the girls left home and again when we moved to the farm here, He stuck with us until the end though, a good friend and  companion.

I decided to get Elle as Angus was gett…

Finally we have a Pizza Oven

Its been a long time between posts but after a few weeks of having all of the family here at the farm I thought it would be nice to start posting regularly about what we are doing here to keep people up to date in between visits.
2015 was a busy and challenging year in many respects as I continue to work full time and mostly away from home, I am away a couple of days each week. The garden has certainly suffered as I have has to be realistic about what I can manage. Nevertheless it was a pleasant surprise when everyone was here to realise how much of our food still came from the farm, meat from the goats and sheep, eggs, lots of fruit and a few vegies, lots of herbs, it provides motivation to keep on with it all.
During 2015 Peter finally built the long awaited Pizza oven. As with everything he does it is a masterpiece and has worked perfectly since the first day we lit it.
We are still figuring out how to cook in it but so far we feel we have mastered the art of pizza, done some slow…

Goats for Sale

Our goats have been very prolific, almost all multiple births! Genevieve had triplets two months ago and Brie had twins today.
Reluctantly we have to sell some of the young does that we cant use.
Haloumi, Daphenoise, Ricotta and Curds, I wish I could keep them all, they are beautiful girls. Daphenoise is my favourite, or maybe Haloumi who was born out of season in a blistering hot summer and I really thought she wouldn't survive.
Daphenoise is the really colourful goat and Haloumi the closest to the right.
Below is baby quark, just born today.

Purple Sticky Rice and Quinoa Porridge

Well its been a long while between posts but thought I would post about my favourite breakfast of the moment, Purple Sticky rice and Quinoa Porridge. I think I started making this before it was on all the cafe menus but maybe not! The other day in the supermarket I saw a packet of rice and quinoa already mixed!
What I do is cook one cup of purple sticky rice, or any sticky colourful rice would do, red or black, by absorption method and just replace half the water with coconut milk and throw in a cinnamon stick, ten minutes before its done stir through 1/3 rd cup of quinoa, I used a mixed one today, also add a tablespoon of coconut oil. When its nice and sticky and chewy stir through a bit more coconut milk and some grated palm sugar or coconut sugar  if you want. While this is happening toast off some almond flakes until they are a nice colour. Serve with yogurt and fruit. I had rhubarb today but segmented orange is very good as well.

Weekend at the Farm

Our roses are spectacular this spring! Mind you they don't bear too much scrutiny they are covered in aphids and there is quite a bit of black spot but the overall pictures is amazing. I don't worry about the aphids too much as pretty soon the good bugs build up and take care of them.
I would like to find an answer for the black spot thought.

We have some chickens just hatched out in the incubator, we really need some new hens so hopefully some of these are, we also have some very cute silkies just hatched.

We have a great crop of broad bean this year, broad bean hummus it the way to eat it!

Peter is putting in the new pool, so far he has built this lovely retaining wall.

A dinner from the farm

Last night for dinner we had a slow cooked lamb shoulder, ( our lamb), seasonal vegetables form the garden and vanilla ice cream with meringues and mulberries. Almost everything from the farm!