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Gorgeous Goats

Kim asked yesterday how my goats are going, the answer is really well. We have four mature Does now and a buck. Genevieve kidded in the middle of the summer heatwave and poor little Haloumi got off to a rough start, she soon made up for it though and is a lovely little kid. The others all had multiple births, two sets of twins and one of triplets. So now we have Curds, Whey, Ricotta and Daphinoise as well as three boys, all Cheddars as they are destined for the table. The girls we plan to sell with kids once they are about eighteen months old as trained milking goats. We have some interesting colour combinations and they are all very friendly.
Peter has been milking Brie and occasionally Feta, we have let Elisabet be as she is quite old and feeding twins.

Before and After

Well I'm on a roll, two posts in two days! We were sitting on the verandah eating our breakfast and admiring the view this morning and Peter said he had found a photo of the front garden when we first moved here.

It is amazing what we have created in six years if i do say so myself, those years have included three of drought, a couple of major illnesses and generally working full time. It is a joy to see the progress.

Spring in the Garden

Well it has been a while but I wanted to share these lovely pictures of spring in my garden!