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Well it has been a while, I've been very busy trying to keep up with some of our sustainable lifestyle while working full time. There doesn't seem to have been much time to blog. Today I am enjoying being inside out of the heat. Its 40 degrees outside, we have a new, ducted evaporative air conditioner now and it certainly makes the hot summer much more bearable. I had planned a day in the garden today but its way too hot so my mind turned to cheese making instead.
We have had a bit of a lull in milking as our goats did not get in kid as planned. About September we purchased a buck, "Bluey" and he got straight to work. We have tried to stagger the time the does were with him but we think they sneaked out a  few times. Pretty much five months after Bluey's arrival Genevieve gave birth to a female kid, she is called Haloumi. Her timing was terrible in the middle of the heatwave, I really didn't think she would survive. She did though and is very robust and chee…