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Weekend at the Farm

Our roses are spectacular this spring! Mind you they don't bear too much scrutiny they are covered in aphids and there is quite a bit of black spot but the overall pictures is amazing. I don't worry about the aphids too much as pretty soon the good bugs build up and take care of them.
I would like to find an answer for the black spot thought.

We have some chickens just hatched out in the incubator, we really need some new hens so hopefully some of these are, we also have some very cute silkies just hatched.

We have a great crop of broad bean this year, broad bean hummus it the way to eat it!

Peter is putting in the new pool, so far he has built this lovely retaining wall.

A dinner from the farm

Last night for dinner we had a slow cooked lamb shoulder, ( our lamb), seasonal vegetables form the garden and vanilla ice cream with meringues and mulberries. Almost everything from the farm!