A Bumper Citrus Harvest

We have six old citrus trees here, two mandarins, two oranges, two lemons. They have fruited quite well most years since we have been here but this year they have the most extraordinary crop. They are loaded.

We probably should have thinned them out but left it a bit too late. We have been eating the mandarins for a few weeks now, they are a bit tart but nice nevertheless. they are getting sweeter every day. We will have to give lots away and find some good mandarin recipes. I might have a go at preserving some segments as well.
The oranges are not quite as prolific but will still keep us going for many months. The great thing about the winter fruit is that you can leave it on the tree and just pick it as you need it.

We have planted some new citrus trees as well. they are very slow to grow but the ruby grapefruit tree has a decent crop this year. I really like grapefruit for breakfast.
I will have to look after the other small citrus a bit more this winter and hopefully they will grow a bit more.


Chartreuse said…
I can't leave my citrus on the tree because this year for the first time something (possums, I think) has been getting them ahead of us! Every morning there's another 9 or 10 fruit eaten, the peel left hanging, bell-shape, with the insides gone. And lots of peels on the ground under the tree. It's either possums or fruit bats - or both. I've had to pick the whole crop off my three trees (mandarin, orange and a new little lemon) a bit sooner than I would have liked. But the taste is still great. And yes, it's been a good year here on the Qld Sunshine Coast, too. The grapefruit is full but not yet ripe enough, even for raiders. I just hope they leave that one alone.
gardenbliss said…
Hi, I've got the same problem as the last person- I have to get my oranges quickly off the tree after they ripen or the possums eat them. I'm new to your blog and live in Melbourne. Great to find your blog.
Anne said…
Well there are some little possums that live up in the shed but they are not like city possums and I reckon we would have enough mandarins to share this year in any case. Welcome to the blog and glad you read it. Enjoy.

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