Well it has been a while, I've been very busy trying to keep up with some of our sustainable lifestyle while working full time. There doesn't seem to have been much time to blog. Today I am enjoying being inside out of the heat. Its 40 degrees outside, we have a new, ducted evaporative air conditioner now and it certainly makes the hot summer much more bearable. I had planned a day in the garden today but its way too hot so my mind turned to cheese making instead.
We have had a bit of a lull in milking as our goats did not get in kid as planned. About September we purchased a buck, "Bluey" and he got straight to work. We have tried to stagger the time the does were with him but we think they sneaked out a  few times. Pretty much five months after Bluey's arrival Genevieve gave birth to a female kid, she is called Haloumi. Her timing was terrible in the middle of the heatwave, I really didn't think she would survive. She did though and is very robust and cheeky.

Genevieve has loads of milk and although she is not that tame she is really easy to milk once you get her on the stand.
Over two litres of milk a day and we don't really use all that much so cheese making is back on the agenda.
I have never tire to make Mozzarella before but it was easy and fun to make and has turned out beautifully.

 I was going to make whey ricotta as well but that didn't work at all. I will have to work on that. In the meantime am looking forward to a salad of fresh Mozzarella, tomatoes and basil with our dinner tonight. 


Sharon said…
It looks delicious Im still yet to try my hand at cheese making

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