This week in my garden 19th august

Aquaponics, winter 2009, probably the best crop it has grown

Marmalade I made with the fruit from the little citrus trees. Blood orange, orange, grapefruit and lemon..yummy and a great colour. It will be great to get more blood oranges next year.

A heirloom variety of Broccoli...the kids used to call these Madonna's bra when they were little.

Brassica's and colorful chard

A view of the Vegetable patch

More winter veg

Nasturtiums and flat lead parsley

View from the backdoor

Stock grown from seed, smells great!

garlic and herbs

Radicchio..great colour

Artichokes...mostly volunteers!

violets... originally these violets came from John and Margot's home in Wingham, they were Robyn neighbors. We planted them at Treetops where they were one of the great survivors...planted one here and thought it was dead and now they are I potted up a dozen for planting in the rose gardens.


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