Downpours and Dust storms

What a day of variable weather it was yesterday. Started off really very hot and humid and it looked like the predicted rain was not going to happen. Then about four in the afternoon it became very black, with lots of thunder and lightning. Ten minutes of very heavy rain and a little light hail followed. I just started to think that if this kept up we would finally get some water in the big dam! Must have jinxed myself because then it stopped as quickly as it had started. 14.5 mls all up so not too bad.
This morning we woke up to find that instead of everything being refreshed by the rain it was covered in thick red dust.

The pictures tell the story. How sad for the farmers further west who have lost all the topsoil that forms the dust.
The dust storm has now extended all the way to Brisbane. Apparently a once in a life time event.

We have two silkie hens sitting on four ordinary hen eggs each. Our cross breed chooks never seem to go broody so we use the silkies as incubators and they do a great job. They have now all hatched and we have eight of the cutest chickens. Four yellow with little black spots and four black with white spots.
This is the cutest photo.

We also have a turkey sitting on twelve eggs and they should hatch in the next few days. There are another couple who are broody so we will set them on the weekend.
There is a lot going on.
I found a willy Wag tail nest in the Silkie Oak tree and it seems to have survived the storm.
Anotehr little bird has a nest in the Stag Horn fern that is near the swimming pool. These little birds haven't had much luck in previous years so hope they succeed this time.


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