Peter grew up on a Turkey farm so we always intended to breed turkeys when we had the space. what we didn't know was how rare they had become and how hard it is to get any turkeys other than white ones.
We started off with what was supposed to be a breeding trio but poor old Bruce was well past his use by date.
We later found some turkey chicks, white and slate grey, they have formed out breeding stock so far.We hope to find some blue and bourbon reds as well when we have a bit more time to put to this task.
Our first lot of turkey chicks were a bit tragic as we had not realized that they can be very careless mothers and actually just knock the chickens over. Turkey chicks are not as robust as our backyard , crossbreed chickens.
Our last lot of turkeys hatched out just after Christmas and the mother threw the first one out of the nest. Zoe and I rescued it and brought it into the house. As each egg hatched we also rescued them and ended up raising them in a box, with a light for warmth. Each one survived.


Chookasmum said…
Hi Anne,
Just found you via Rhonda's blog, looked up your blog, looked up your profile and your are literally just over the hills from us. We are out of Parkes on the Orange road, would love to meet you, have very similar interests,
Lorraine (Chookasmum)
Anne said…
Hi Lorraine,
We are towards Eugowra.Have you been in Parkes long or are you newcomers like us. would be good to catch up.
Chookasmum said…
Hi Anne,
Have lived in or around all my life.
Would love to meet, so, anytime after next weekend. email me,
Darroch Cottage said…
Anne, thanks for your lovely comments this morning! I am now going to look for a photo of what our place looked like when we moved in so you can see that it used to be a right old tip!

You're lucky to have a broody silkie - I've got my fingers crossed that Maude ( who usually does!) will again soon as I want more chooks and she is a great mum!
I have no idea how to let you see a before and after except by posting it on my own blog, so hold on a sec!!
laura xx
Darroch Cottage said…
me again! I've done a new post for you.
It was even worse than I remembered!

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