Ducks and Drakes???

We purchased four ducks at the Canowindra poultry auction a few months ago. We had some bantam ducks before and their job was to keep the garden free of snails and slugs.They were good at this and very cute as well. Unfortunately when we moved here they discovered they could fly a long way and took off. Peter found them dead on the road quite a long way from home.
We thought we would get some more for this garden but hadn't been able to find any of the bantam ones. At the auction their were a lot of Muscovy ducks and we bought four. They have settled in quite well but we have had to banish them from the garden as they were intent on eating all the cabbages and broccoli instead of the snails. The snails are not a problem at the moment as the blue tongue lizard eats them!
Neither of us know how to tell a duck from a drake so we waited for them to exhibit some points of difference in their behavior or appearance.
About a month ago the white duck started laying and then went broody, made a nest and is now sitting on one egg. We figure she is a duck!
Two others are also laying but I haven't seen which ones they are. I am starting to think they are all ducks and we don't have a drake. The poor duck who is sitting on the one egg will be a disappointed duck.
When our neighbours were over for happy hour last night one of them said if their was a drake we would know as they were much more aggressive. Another said that he thought one was a bit different and a drake. So we are still now sure. I will just have to watch them more closely.

I have never seen them mating but then again I haven't often seen the turkeys mating either.
Speaking of turkeys, ten little turkeys have just hatched. Hope they all survive this time. We only have four of the last ten.
We now have lots of duck eggs. I don't think i have previously eaten duck eggs and have heard people say they are strong and not pleasant. I made a duck egg sponge, a duck egg omelet and tossed it through an Asian style salad and today boiled duck eggs for sandwiches for lunch. They are firmer than the chicken eggs but I don't think they taste much different at all. It is curious the way food preferences and prejudices happen.


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