Marvellous Mayonnaise

We have an abundance of a few things at the moment:
  • eggs, turkey, chicken and duck
  • Silver beet
  • Broad beans
  • Lemons
I was trying to think about what to make for dinner. I hadn't prepared anything and wanted to use up things that we had. All these ingredients are good together but what can I do to make something a bit delicious.
I don't really know why I don't regularly make mayonnaise!
When I was growing up mayonnaise was a mixture of condensed milk, mustard and vinegar! I did not like this and would have preferred just vinegar, so have never really got the joy of real mayonnaise. Although I do remember making it once many years ago. My sister was coming to our house and it was her birthday. We had just returned from our holidays and had absolutely no money. What we did have was an abundance of eggs and some silver beet in the garden. I made pancakes with a silver beet filling and mayonnaise of pepper and lemon and a sponge and custard cake . Quite a good experience really but I have not often made mayonnaise since.
The few times I have I have been disappointed.
So Monday night. We have both had a busy day and n ow it is daylight saving we are staying in the garden until about seven or later, by the time I think about dinner it is seven thirty. What do I have? Eggs,, Lemons, Broad Beans and Spinach mmm! I think I will just lightly cook all these and make a sauce, I will make mayonnaise! Where did that come from, maybe from watching Julie and Julia last week!! I looked at recipes and they all said stuff about beating and by now we we quite hungry so I wanted quick, so I read a few recipes and did the following:
In a small food processor place one very fresh egg yolk, one teaspoon of salt flakes, one teaspoon of Dijon mustard and one tablespoon of fresh lemon juice
process for about thirty seconds
And then
Measure into a jug, 150 ml vegetable oil and 150 ml very good olive oil.
Drizzle into the food processor until combined.
This is a very good mayonnaise.
Endless possibilities;
I made a bed of sauteed silver beet and steamed broad beans, a slurp of mayonnaise and a perfect poached egg...lovely!!
Should have taken a picture.
I will next time.


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