Turkeys make terrible mothers

Raising turkeys is part of what we want to do here so I am always excited when we get a broody turkey hen and can set her on some eggs. One of the black hens went broody and we set her on twelv eggs. Last time she was broody she started kicking out the chickens so we hand raised them and they all survived. This time we thought we would let her raise them. Not sure why, maybe a misplaced belief that nature knows best!She hatched out nine and now two weeks later there are only five! We dont know what happens, she squashed a few and some jsut dissapeared.

Contrast this with the silkies who we set on four hen eggs each, they both still have four chicks a month down the track. they look after them and out for them, even though the chicks are now nearly as big as them they still find a way to snuggle them all in.

Next time we get a broody silkie I will give her three turkey eggs to hatch!


Zoe Heath said…
That will be funny to see when the baby turkeys get bigger than the silkie hen!

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