Surviving the heatwave

The view from the shed.

It has been extremely hot here for the past two weeks. Every day over 35 and many over 40. We have had no meaningful rain since early in July and that was only 46 ml for the month. Our big dam is almost empty. We still have quite a bit of water in the tanks and Peter is able to bring home water from in town in a little plastic tank on the back of his truck. We are busy watering. Our plans of having a flourishing spring garden with the new trees and roses well established have come to nothing and our efforts are going to keep as many plants as possible alive.

As you can see the Vegetable garden is looking pretty sad. I wont plant anything more until it rains.

I have been growing seedlings for summer planting but will just have to be patient. They would just fry if I planted them now.
What is going well is the herbs and lettuces that I have planted in containers and boxes.
Basil at the back door.

The Grapevines don't seem to mind the heat so long as we water them.


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