It has been interesting to see what survived our long, hot, dry spell. I pretty much gave up on the vegetable garden but did keep one little thickly planted plot of tomatoes, eggplants and capsicums going. We put shade cloth on a frame around them to protect them from the heat and the wind. they grew quite well with a minimum amount of water and already we have picked quite a few tomatoes and eggplants. They are a mix of heirloom varieties that I grew from seed. I had every intention of planting them out carefully and noticing which ones did better etc. but in the end we just chucked them all in, so I don't know what is what. There are some mini roma tomatoes and some that are about golf ball size that are very tasty. I have grown eggplants every year with poor results but so far they are doing well.

Remarkably the ones that I didn't water at all have come good after the rain as well.
Two of the trombocino vines are also growing well again.
I was also pleased to see that a couple of the asparagus plants have survived. I have ten more that I grew from seeds to plant out once it gets a bit cooler.


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