Glorious autumn

The weather throughout Autumn has been just glorious. Mild temperature, clear blue skies, little or no wind. Beautiful gardening weather. There are so many pretty pictures in our garden at the moment. The ornamental grapevines have almost covered the trellis and frame my kitchen window. It gives me joy every time I look out the window. The leaves have turned an amazing deep red. I have been taking photos at all different times of the day to try and get one that does justice to the magnificent color. I dont think I have altogether succeeded but these give some idea. This is taken from inside through the kitchen window.

Another view of the Grapevine. I have been working on this little area under the trellis and think it is starting to look very pleasant. Our old chimney is one of the few external features of the house that I actually really like. We are lucky it is still here as the man who renovated the kitchen told me the previous owners had planned to demolish it when they remodeled the kitchen. Luckily for us they did not go ahead.

A late afternoon view. Look at that amazing blue sky!

Another view. Its a grey day today and I think it will start to rain soon.View from the back door


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