Our solar system and fuel stove

Our neighbour has gone into business installing grid connected solar sytems. We have been talking about doing this for a long time so it seemed the right time to go ahead with it. this system will generate more power than we use. The idea is we sell the lot to country energy, they pay us for it at a higher rate than we have to pay for what we use. We hope that in the future the battery storage technology will get cheaper and we will be able to be independent of the grid. but for the moment this is a good solution. We have so much sun here it will feel good to be using it to generate electricity. We are jsut waiting on the meter box to get connected.

Peter with the Solar Panels
In our kitchen there was an old fuel stove. we decided it needed rebricking but when Peter went to do this discovered it was all rusted out. there was a similiar stove in the shed so Peter put the two together. Clever man and voila! a beautiful stove!
Cooking on the stove top!


Chartreuse said…
I'm so jealous of that stove! We now live in a subtropical climate, so wouldn't get the best use out of such an appliance. But when I lived in Tasmania I would have loved an 'Aga' for my huon pine kitchen. I'm not sure if yours is an Aga, but have you ever seen the documentary made about Agas? It showed people in London flats installing special beams that would support the heavy stoves, then installing an Aga in their upstairs condo by winching the stove up and getting it into the flat through a window.
Anne said…
No its not an AGA its a Rayburn. It is pretty heavy though. I am working out the tricks of how to cook on it.

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