Eating like a Parisian in it possible

My daughter Sally and I recently spent five days in Paris. We stayed in a tiny apartment in the Marais district. The plan was to eat like Parisians, buy fresh local food daily and prepare it in our apartment. We called it our Paris food Safari. We had a great time discovering Paris via food. Each day we set out with a destination in mind and armed with our shopping bags. When we found a good market or food street we eithr purchased our food for the day then or planned to come back later.
The produce available in Paris was amazing and we really enjoyed eating beautiful simple food. this is a picture of our second nights dinner.Baby artichokes, tiny potatoes, the crunchiest green bean, sardines and a salad.

Now I am back home in Eugowra in Central West NSW. No daily food markets, no little green grocers, no cheese shops. It is a challenge to eat like a Parisian here. However I am determined to eat as well as we can. We grow a lot of things so that will make sure we eat seasonally. Although it is just spring we have had a wet winter and our garden is full of good things to eat. Mostly leafy greens and herbs. the chooks, ducks and turkeys are all laying like crazy so we have an abundance of eggs. Tonights dinner? A fluffy omelette with spinach, chives and dill, Should be delicous. Made with the freshest of eggs. Some of our hen eggs are enourmous, look at this one!


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