A full dam

When I went away at the start of August we had already had a very good year so far in terms of rainfall. However our dam was only half full and we were still not getting a lot of runoff. Wyangala Dam, the big water storgage dam near hear was only about 7% full. We have never seen it at more than 14%.
What a difference a month makes. Our Dam was almost full when I arrived home and has since filled right up to the top. Amazing, it is over 2 metres deep, so that is a lot of water for our garden in the coming seasons.

Today I went to Wyangala Dam to do a rehearsal for a wedding I am doing there next weekend. It is at 35% capacity and still has water coming in. Last time I was there the houseboat in the picture was about a kilometre from the water, I will get a picture of the whole dam next week. It is an amazing amount of water. and it looks as though the rain is going to keep on coming.
Somehow, cant seem to move the photos around but hope you get the picture!


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