Turkey Chicks

The last two lots of Turkey eggs we sat under broody hens came to nothing. We had pretty much decided that our very handsome gobbler was a dud. however
Peter decided to borrow an incubator and put 18 eggs in it. Just a few hours ahead of schedule the first little turkey appeared. So far 13 have hatched out and are doing really well. They are very cute.
We hadnt used an incubator before and were a bit worried as we had a few power outages. Luckily I woke up the other night when the power went off and we wrapped the incubator in a doona with a hot water bottle. It must have worked. I quite like the idea of being able to plan our poultry hatchings a bit with an incubator as some of our broodies are unreliable. just had a duck sit on five eggs for two and a bit weeks and then just up and leave them!
I finally have some broody chickens though and one of them is sitting on a dozen eggs that should hatch tomorrow.
Here is the first little turkey, isnt it cute!


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