Wildflowers or weeds?

As a result of all the rain we have weeds everywhere this spring. I know these capeweed are a weed, but it just looks like a carpet of yellow daisies everywhere so i dont mind them. I am sure the ground cover is good for the soil, they come and go quite quickly and mulch down. The bees love them as well.
Contrast them with the little purple and yellow heartsease that I planted a few years ago. They also come up everywhere. They have spread from one small planting all through the garden. I like the random nature of self sown plants. I have some poppies that will flower soon and I hope they will also spread through the garden. Maybe i will regret all the self seeding one day but at this point I enjoy it.

The Lavender is also magnificent at the moment. Lovely colour and aroma.

Heartsease in the rose garden.

Yellow capeweed


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