There is very heavy rain predicted here over the next few days.Since it actually started to rain in late January the weather forecasts have been very accurate so we are taking it seriously. Peter is rushing to get the new roof on the veranda so the house is water tight and I am trying to get as much mowing and weeding done as possible as well as fertilise all the fruit trees.We both had a very busy day.At the end of the day there were lots of vegetables to prepare for dinner as well. I had been looking forward to the first of the artichokes, especially after our Paris food safari artichoke experience, but, at the end of a really long day in the garden, the fiddly process of preparing artichokes was not what I really wanted to do. If i didn't do it then though they would be too old and tough to eat by the time I got back home from my trip. I relaxed by sitting in the garden and shelling the peas then did the artichokes. When the artichokes were lightly steamed I added them to a sort of quick casserole made with turkey breast, from our turkeys of course, leeks, garlic,and the peas, delicious! Served with the cauliflower from the garden and some tiny beetroots, including stalks and leaves, that I had thinned out earlier in the day. Well worth the effort in the end.

The artichokes ready to cook

And the peas


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