The disorganised vegetable garden

The Vegetable Garden area at the back of the house is a somewhat disorganised garden. My plan here is to have if full of perrenials, herbs, rhubarb etc. as well as things that self seed and come up where they will year after year. i have found when I have struggled to grow ssomething here that every now and then a random plant will come up somewhere, from seed in the garden and be really strong and vigorous. So we have artichokes that spring up all over the place, sometimes I move them to a more auspicous spot, a variety of lettuces all over the yard now and of course the Italian parsley. I am hoping these poppies will spread all over the yard as well. I think I am aiming to choose my own weeds! then I can just admire them, or eat them, instead of pulling them out.

I have a lot of leeks and garlic that have either come up from seed or from bulbs that I didnt find when I harvested them last time. I have been thinning them out and using them for a few months now. The garlic is quite mild and now the bulbs are quite a good size.Once you have eaten garlic grown in your garden there is no going back to the product that is available in the supermarket or greengrocer.

This carrot survived all through the hot dry summer so I have just left it there to so what will happen. It is about to flower so I hope it will spread nice strong seeds all about and we will just find carrots about the place.


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