A Feast For the senses

The garden is a feast for all senses at the moment, despite the messiness there is an abundance of colour, lots of different textures to brush against but it is the frangrance that almost makes you dizzy.
As you come in the back gate the lavender and rosemary hedge is now quite tall and dense, the lavender is in full bloom and smells delicous. On a warm day you can also catch a whiff of the wormwood groundcovers that are now quite extensive and add a sharper note to the florals of the lavender.
The citrus are in full bloom and absolutely loaded with blossoms, they are the predominant perfume for most of the day.

I planted a native frangipani so we could enjoy the scent and have it waft towards the house. It has grown really well and is flwoering now as well. It has a smaller flower than the frangipani's you see in Sydney and on the coast but hte same delightful fragrance. It is a bit of a shame it is flowering at the same time as the citrus as they tend to overshadow it at this stage. I am not sure how long it will flower but maybe it will last longer than them.

In the back herb garden there is a curry plant that really does smell exactly like a good, pungent, fresh curry. It is a pretty, grey compact bush and about to be covered in little yellow pom pom flowers.

And of course there are the roses all in full bloom now. Look at this beautiful white rose.
Almost perfection I think. Unlike the icebergs that now predominate everywhere it has a spectacular perfume as well.

The Joey's also smell amazing, flower prolifically and have the largest blooms that change color from the time the buds open. I wish I was a better photograher so i could really capture the beauty of Jemima's garden. I am so pleased with it.

I wish you could smell the garden!


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