Lovely Lemons

The old Lemon Tree is loaded with lemons at the moment. It is an interesting tree as I am sure it has at least two different varieties of lemon on it. One thinner skinned than the other and some that are almost round in shape. I think it is a very old tree and has been neglected in the past. I would guess at some point that some shoots have come up from below the graft and been allowed to grow. It doesnt matter the end result is a tree that fruits nearly all year. During the drought the quality of the fruit was marginal. At present it is magnificent, the juiciest lemons you could wish for.

Sunday I decided to use lots of them and made some preserved lemons and lemon curd. I like using preserved lemons in my cooking and it is always hard to get up here as well as being very expensive. These should be ready in about eight weeks and they will last for ages. The only problem making them was some of the lemons were so big had to seperate the quarters instead of leaving them joined at the bottom in the traditional way. This used up a bucket of lemons.

Then for some lovely buttery lemon curd. Lemon juice, sugar, butter and eggs...delicous. Love the vibrant colour from our beautiful turkey eggs. Great to eat on toast or as Peter prefers straight from the jar!


Cadi said…
I l-l-lo-v-e l-l-l-l-e-m-o-n-n-s! :-)

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