My poor garden

Ten days ago i thought I was really on top of everything in the garden and it was starting to look a bit organised again. I had to go to Sydney for a few days work and then Peter got really ill and ended up in Orange hospital. He is on the mend now and yesterday i was home early enough to have a good look around. The weeds are running riot and it all looks very neglected again. In the midst of all the chaos though things are growing beautifully.

I planted a new strawberry garden in the autumn and they are just starting to fruit.

My new raspberry canes are all thriving and this one is flowering, so maybe we will have our first raspberries, very exciting!

The Veggies are growing like crazy and yesterday I was most impressed with the beautiful snow peas.

Hopefully Peter will be home from hospital tomorrow and I can get stuck back into the gardening.


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