Rain and Roses

In light of the recent rain I felt it appropriate to update my blog template with this new rainy day look. It gives a bit of an idea of how it looks from the back door. Very hard to believe I know for all those who have only seen "Balmoral Park" in its parched sunburnt state.
The roses are going to be spectacular this year. They are already looking fabulous, if at times a little hard to see because of the lush growth of the weeds, especailly the Pattersons Curse which is just every where. However they are grwoing really well and at this point not an aphid in sight.

This is the predominantly pink and yellow garden in front of the veranda.

One of the climbing roses, growing on the ladder structure that Peter built. Cant wait until they cover it all up.
This is a little white old fashioned bush rose. These should grow quite large, like a hedge and be a bit of a wind break as well as a habitat for little birds.
And little pink ones the same as above
Just Joey's, planted for our beautiful little granddaughter Jemima in honor of her pre birth name
And Jemima's garden, note the Pattersons curse in the background


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