Rose Petal Jelly

For some reason I woke up yesterday thinking about rose petal jam. Maybe because the roses are in full bloom and absolutely beautiful and the forcast rain would ruin them a bit. A google search revealed some very simply sounding recipes. I settled on two, one for Jam and one for Jelly.
The Jam required twelve cups of rose petals that have had the white part trimmed from the base, a bit time consuming but trimming fragrant rose petals is a nice occupation! then simply boil the rose petals with four cups of sugar and two tablespoons of lemon juice.
This is the end result.

I actually think this recipe is flawed, although is appears many times and think it needs the addition of four cups of water as well. The resulting jam is very sticky and oversweet although the rose flavour is very nice. However I wouldnt bother with it again as the Jelly is fantastic. Interesting and easy to make as well.
the method is to simmer one litre of rose petals with one litre of water for fifteen minutes. At this point it all looks a sorry mess, the petals lose all their color and the water is very pale. You then strain them and cool,
This is the resulting liquid. Not very interesting at all.

But then the magic happens, add two tablespoons of lemon juice and voila!

Then simply boil the liquid with one kilo of sugar for about ten minutes and the end result is a beautiful, clear vibrant jelly. I am inspired to make lots of this. By the way it tastes fantastic. I want to bake some little portugese custard tarts and put a teaspoon full in the bottom.


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