So much going on in the garden

There is just so much going on in the garden at the moment. It is hard to know where to start, both in terms of actual gardening or blogging. Yesterday I spent a few hours weeding and tidying up my biggest area of vegetable garden and i have to say that the vegetables are what give me the greatest joy. Because it has been such a battle and because we can eat them and then dont need to buy any horrible old vegetables from coles or woolworths. My day so far today, I have had some lemon juice from my lemon tree, two passionfruits, which were an out of season bonus from our new vines, an egg from our chickens and some home made sour dough bread. Not much from the supermarket at all! Dinner last night was rice noodles and tofu with loads of vegies from the garden as well.
Part of my garden is quite orderly and organised, by my standards anyway, at the moment, and I have a plan of what i will plant where and when. I am trying to be guided by the moon planting ideas of planting root crops, carrots, radishes etc when the moon is waning, which is now, and upward growing crops when it is waxing. So today I will plant carrots, radishes, beetroots, onions, parsnips, leeks and potatoes.

I have just had a complete failure to germinate of every single one of my tomato, capsicum and eggplant seeds. I dont know what went wrong but I do recall that I planted them in the wrong moon cycle as I was going to be away. I will have to try again and maybe buy a couple of seedlings to get the early start I was after.

These are a type of broccoli, they are either bright green or like this one a bit purplish. Very delicous steamed or stir fried. We ate the first one last night.

The first of the little cabbages are almost ready to pick. So far no pests or caterpillars on these at all.

These lettuce a mostly a colourful cos type lettuce, we have been eating them for ages, in order to thin them out a bit. They are now hearting up nicely. There are also some crispmint lettuces in here.

I think we have been seduced by the convienience of the snow pea and the sugar snap and forgotten the pleasure of peas in pods that need to be shelled. i have grown heaps of these this year. nthey are delicous. Just wish 'I had some little Jemima fingers here to help me pick them!


You are amazing, i admire so much your cooking and gardening skills. congratulations. xxx e

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