Spring Flowers

I don't generally get as excited by the flowers in my garden as i do by the vegetables. Probably because growing vegetables is the only way we will get to eat good quality ones out here. The state of the veggies in Coles and Woolworths out in the bush are abysmal. You can rarely find anything that you want to eat. But, I digress, this is supposed to be about the flowers. We are also enjoying an amazing season of flowers. There is color everywhere in the garden at the moment. I threw a couple of packets of poppy seeds out into the back garden a while back. they were out of date and i thought that there was never going to be a good time to plant them. I have been watching this one emerge over the last few days and was eagerly waiting to see what color it would be.

The first poppies that emerged were these purple ones. They look pretty and blend in with the artichokes, they only last a very short time before they blow away. I am hoping that in future seasons poppies will just come up everywhere in the garden. When we went on our garden excursion on Sunday we went to an Iris Farm, they also had amazing poppies, so i got a big bag of mixed seeds that i will just throw about as well.

This Briar Rose was here when we came, it looks lovely when it is out surrounded by all the lavender.There is loads of lavender all over the garden now. I will put some photos on another time. We are getting quite adept at propagating things like lavender and rosemary plus they just layer themselves in the garden as well so there is always another one to plant out somewhere. The lavender and rosemary hedge along the back path is complete now.

A lot of the fruit trees are flowering as well, the apple blossoms are very pretty.

WEll, it is sort of a flower!


tanveer said…
Wow red flower is looking amazing.I would like to grow in my garden.Can you tell me how can I get.

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