Beetroot Jam and the first of the Raspberries

I am having greater success growing beetroots as the the soil improves. they are one of my favourite vegetables and very good for you. I picked these beauties this morning.

Generally I just grate them into a salad but because Zoe is here for the weekend and the are not her one of here favourites I thought i would do something different with them. I called it beetroot jam. It is more of an idea than a recipe as are most of my from the garden meals. Peel and grate the beetroot, it has been a surprise to me that very fresh beetroot is really easy to peel, I always thought it was very difficult unless you had already cooked the beetroots. Put a little bit of butter and olive oil  into a frying pan and gently fry and finely sliced rad onion with some garlic. Add the beetroot, one dried chili and a few sprigs of thyme. After a few minutes add about two tablespoons of brown sugar, a good slurp of red wine vinegar  and salt and pepper to taste. cook on a medium heat until it is a glossy, jammy consistency. Serve hot or cold as part of a salad plate or with meat. It would be good with sausages I think.

On another topic,  today I picked my first ever raspberry that I have grown myself.

I have tried a few times to get some raspberries growing without success but the ones i planted this spring are going really well and already setting fruit. Just one berry ripe yet. It was delicious. to me Raspberries are the king of the berries, they always seem a bit romantic and exotic perhaps because good quality ones are almost unobtainable unless you can grow them yourself. We will get a few more this year and hopefully by next year have a good patch established.We have not bought any fruit for weeks as still picking Mulberries, passion fruits and strawberries.


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