Favourite Things

The garden gives me so much pleasure. I walk around to see what is happening in every corner at least once a day. As I am just going about my daily garden chores I am often stopped in my tracks and am saying to myself "Wow, would you look at that" Some of the things that stopped me in my tracks yesterday.

The back corner which is almost exactly how I want it to be.

the red gernaiums after i tidied them up

The hydrangea that I grew from a cutting from our old house and only recently found a spot for in the garden is flourishing and flowering

this huge bunch of lavender that i picked from  the lavenders I pruned in the rose garden

The Lily that has buds on it and will flower soon

The biggest strawberry i have ever grown

this old wheelbarrow that was lurking in the back shed and is going to become a planter for some beautiful geraniums a friend is giving me.
I also felt very smug last night when a friend was complaining of all the bugs on her roses, we have hardly any bugs on ours and no aphids. I reckon this is because we don't use any pesticides or herbicides in our garden and have built up a population of good bugs and little birds.


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