Sunday, November 21, 2010

Gorgeous Garlic

Having an abundant supply of homegrown garlic is one of my many gardening aims. Last years crop was a bit meagre due to lack of water and this year for some reason i forgot to order any new cloves to plant. Luckily the garden has a mind of its own and lots of self sown garlic emerged in the back garden. Three varieties, Russian garlic which is really a garlicky sort of leek i think, it has  one or two large cloves and is quite sweet, a white garlic and a pink garlic. not very scientific in the names, in any case the only problem with the self seeded garlic has been that the plants were too close together and a bit stifled. I have been using the thinnings for months now in lieu of buying garlic. I did plant two rows of garlic properly from cloves i had bought at the fruit shop that looked OK. It had all been growing along nicely when, all of a sudden, the leaves yellowed and started to fall over. Time to harvest. I am really quite pleased with the result, especially as I was a bit lackadaisical in my planting methods. I have put aside some of    the little cloves and a few good ones for planting next year. I hope to harvest lots more like this next time. My goal is to have enough to sell in two years time.
                                      The best of the harvest

                                                   The Russian Garlic

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Christine said...

Ooh, you are right, the pink variety is very pretty! Enjoy all of your beautiful homegrown garlic - so much nicer having grown it yourself!! :)

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