Growing Vegetables from seeds

It is my aim to grow all our vegetables from seeds and I feel that i have not arrived at the best method of achieving that yet. I would say that over time I have had quite a good success rate but lately it all seems to be a bit hit and miss. I'm not sure if this is because I am paying more attention or because I am having particularly poor results. My tomatoes took ages to come up but then did quite well, none of the capsicum germinated and I only got three eggplant plants. A lot of carrots, beetroots, radishes and parsnips all got washed away by a heavy storm. So I thought I would try something different and planted a lot of plants into jiffy peat pots, so far only one has germinated and they have been there over two weeks, so I guess that is it.

Next i planted into little newspaper pots that Peter made, probably a third of these have come up. So i am still hopeful of getting more.

My big lettuce box is looking rather sparse, usually it is covered with tiny lettuce and the lettuce seedlings I planted into old yogurt containers have not germinated at all. Using old 1 kg yogurt containers with holes in the bottom for drainage and the lid for watering has been one of my favourite seed raising strategies but it didn't work this time. Perhaps it has been too hot or I planted the seeds too deep.
The Basil and coriander seeds I planted into pots a week ago are up and going strong.
Seeds I planted straight into the garden have been equally variable, one row of corn all the seeds germinated and were up in about five days but the other rows have been patchy.
The climbing beans had a good rate of germination but there is only one little blue Lake bean growing so far!
 Pumpkins, Zucchinis and rock melons have all germinated. All in all a mixed result that I need to keep working on.


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