Living in the lap of luxury!

I have been thinking about the nature of wealth of late and the things that really make me feel rich. Not suprisingly after things like family,  friends and health comes food and flowers. A mark of wealth is to go to an expensive restaurant and order whatever you want regardless of cost, or go to the florist and buy extravagent flowers, just for their beauty. I have learnt that i am not an expensive restaurant type of person, they annoy me a bit and i am often thinking how much more lovely food I could have prepared with that much money, my most memorable meals have been on the less expensive side and often quite simple but things I dont know how to cook. I do like to fill my house with flowers.

So at the moment I am feeling quite extraordinarliy wealthy  the garden is bursting with luxury items, strawberries, mulberries and passionfruit, artichokes, snow peas, lettuce, beetroot, broadbeans, cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli and leeks. The garden is more than a supermaket, it is like an upmarket green grocers or dare I say a Parisian maket. Add to this, beautiful fresh eggs, home baked bread and free range turkey. All  I need is a cow! So our meals are bountiful, beautiful and delicous and the house is filled with the most amazing roses. On saturday I picked forty, perfect long stemmed roses! so despite the fact that i guess we are both technically unemployed at the moment I am feeling very rich.
                                           Strawberries and Mulberries
                                           Beautiful Broad Beans, no need to double peel these!

                                     Dinner, braised artichokes, peas, broad beans with dill
                                          sort of Portugese tarts with the rose petal jelly
                                       Roses, that have randomly appeared in the gardem I think they  grew from the rootstock, they are very prolicic and needed cutting back but make a lovely disply at our back door.                                        


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