Old Fashioned Egg and Bacon Pie

We have both been home all day most days since Peter got sick so lunch has become a meal rather than a bit of a forage around to see what needs using up. We are still getting lots of eggs and I have found a butcher in Orange who sells the best bacon, properly smoked! so yesterday I thought i would make a good old fashioned Egg and Bacon Pie. When  I used to work shift work I taught Peter to make this as an easy family dinner, in retrospect wonder what Zoe used to eat on those nights as she doesn't eat eggs!
Anyway the original recipe called for two sheets of frozen puff pastry so you could use that but I use Sour Cream Pastry , learnt from the Cook and the Chef, my all time favourite TV cooking show.
Sour Cream Pastry
250 g plain flour
200g cold, cubed unsalted butter
1/2 cup sour cream
Pulse the flour and butter in food processor until it looks like crumbs
Add the sour cream and pulse until it comes together
Wrap pastry in glad wrap and rest in the fridge about twenty minutes
The Pie
Chop about three rashers of bacon and saute for a few minutes then drain on paper
finely chop a tablespoon of parsley
Take two thirds of the pastry and roll out to fit a large pie dish
sprinkle 1/2  bacon on to pastry and then break in as many eggs as you are using, I used ten, sprinkle the rest of the bacon and the parsley over the eggs, season with pepper and a bit of Worcestershire sauce.
Roll out the remainder of the pastry and put on top. Seal the edges, prick a few holes in the top and bake in 180 degree oven for about thirty minutes.
Dinner is ready! Serve with a salad or mashed potatoes and vegetables.


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