When we moved here there was a ragged old passionfruit just near the back door. I have rehabilitated it somewhat and it has always looked quite  nice but nver had much fruit. I guess becasue of lack of water.
I wanted to create a microclimate to grow asparagus and some berries that needed shelter from the sun and the wind and because passiofruit has such a lush, thick growth habit I thought they would do the trick. I grew some vines from seed and planted them on a trellis about six foot high.
Two years down the track here they are. They has exceeded my expectations.

I expected them to fruit in summer but this year after the winter rain they flowered and set fruit. Much to our suprise the fruit ripened and we haave been eating passionfruit for the last two months. The ripe fruit just drop off the vine and you find them hiding in the grass at the base of the vines.

The old vine has also come good and looks set to have a bumper crop.The flowers are beautiful too,

I can see passionfruit curd making coming up.


oh that's so funny!
You know one of my favourite things to do with passionfruit? Is make a meringue put loads of cream on top and lots of passionfruit pulp - yum!

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