Worn out with weeding

The beauty of gardneing on sandy soil like this is that you can get straight back on it after the rain. So despite having  over thirty mls of rain in the previous twelve hours, yesterday afternoon we made a big assualt on the weeds in the rose gardens.
This post was going to show three beautifully weeded, mulched and tidy rose gardens, the Jemima garden and the white garden are completely weeded but about three quarters of the way through the pink and yellow garden my body said it needed to stop digging, bending and pulling. the thing that defeated me were the Hearts Ease that have gone feral in this garden.
When I stopped I realised it was 6 PM anyway. Still we have made a good start and I think we will get them done today.
In the meantime a reminder of why I grow the roses,  this is only one reason of course as they look great in the garden as well and I do enjoy most of the work associated with them.
           A mixed bunch

Pink and white       
Red and white, the red roses have only been planted for four months and already look lovely.


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