The Best laid plans.....

On Saturday morning the resident weather forecaster told me with great certainty that the rain was all gone until Christmas day. A weekend of gardening was the plan, tidying and mulching the priorities. By one o'clock it was pouring down! A brief respite in the afternoon saw me complete the weeding of the Jemima rose garden, wonder why I made such a big garden for such a little girl! I was really keen to put down a heavy mulch of newspaper and lucerne to inhibit the weeds. A week ago I bundled up all the newspapers and sat them out in the rain so they would be suitably moist for this job. I got about a third of it done and down came the rain again. Unfortunately the rain was accompanied by strong winds so quite a bit of my mulching was blown away.
Yesterday I did get the tomatoes tidied up and the Kikuyu dug out from the edges of the vegetable garden in between thunderstorms. As our ground is sandy we can still work on it when it is wet. The vegetables are enjoying this wet and mild summer. Everything is later than usual a bit due to my late planting as well as the cool weather. Finally the zucchini's are starting to flower.

The beans are loving these conditions, the climbers have gone right over the top of the trellis! Usually beans are a struggle here so I am hoping for a good crop.
Sadly the wind has blown quite a few unripe plums from the tree. Today is like a winters day here. Cold, dark and damp. Wouldn't we have loved that this time last year!


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