Creative Cooking from the garden and pantry

Our vegetable garden is in a bit of a lull for the moment that corresponds with the time Peter was in hospital and I didn't get much done. All the summer vegetables are going well and I expect to pick the first Zucchini's in about a week. Once they start there will be plenty of choice again. At the moment it is quite restricted. Yesterday I was in Parkes and as it was Thursday the fish man was there so I bought some nice fish for dinner.
Thinking of a sort of Mediterranean Fish dinner I had a forage through the pantry and garden to see what I could come up with. I found some lovely potatoes that have grown in places other than the potato patches. I cut the larger ones into chunks and used the smaller ones whole, tossed in olive oil, salt and chunks of lemon and roasted.

I really wanted some beans to make my lovely olive oil bean recipe but they are just beginning to flower. Then I thought that recipe would work just as well with silver beet. Usually I just wilt silver beet with a bit of garlic and olive oil but this is more of a braise.
Saute two slice onions and lots of garlic in about a quarter cup of olive oil. Do this slowly for as long as possible until they are very soft but not coloured at all, then add a tin of crushed tomatoes, or fresh tomatoes if you have them and some herbs, I used oregano. Cover and simmer for about half an hour then add a large bunch of sliced silver beet, include the stems, replace lid and cook for another half hour. Delicious  and another use for silverbeet.


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