Fruit fly

Yesterday when I was picking the fruit I found three plums that had been stung. Very annoying but there were only three and none in the peaches or apricots. I have refreshed all the traps and hung up  a few more as well as putting out some ecobait. In past years once they started they really took hold but I am hoping we can hold them at bay this year. There is still loads of stone fruit to come as well as the tomatoes. I might put some exclusion bags on some of the bigger tomatoes just in case.
I spent a pleasant hour this morning potting up herbs for Zoe to take home with her. It is so nice to have them in quantities that are easily divided. Most herbs are very easy to propagate from cuttings, divisions or seeds but often ridiculously expensive to buy. I am glad Zoe is now living in a place where she can have a little garden.

The old blue native hibiscus is in full bloom. It was one of the few ornamental shrubs in the garden when we came here but it has never really flowered. this year it has so many blooms that one of the branches broke off. I should have pruned it I guess. I have planted two rose of Sharron hibiscus at  the back gate. one is much bigger than the other. They have a few flowers but nothing like the old blue one. Mmm, the picture looks more pink than blue doesn't it.

Yesterday got up to 35 degrees, its already 32 at 10. am so I think will be even hotter today. The kitchen is much cooler with the grapevine shading the window and more shade from the new veranda. 


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