Inventory of Herbs and Spices continued

One of the many things I am enjoying about blogging is that of recording what is going on in the garden and as I do that remembering the stories and history attached to all of our plants. As we have been gardening most of our adult lives and have a very large garden there are thousands of stories in the garden.
So to continue on my herb and spice inventory
This little Borage plant has just come up. Three years ago I bought one plant of about this size at the Orange Farmers Market. It grew into a giant plant with lovely blue flowers. Now they come up all over the garden. I use the flowers in salads and feed the leaves to the turkeys. 
 Applemint planted on the step to outgrow the weeds and gives a pleasant scent when you step on it or brush against it. I planted this about twelve months ago.
 Garlic chives from our old home and originally from Margaret, Peter's mother. We have probably had these for over twenty years. They are very useful when you don't have any garlic.
 My new Chili bush
 My old chili bush, this has kept going for three years now and gives us Chilli's for about nine months each year. It just dies off a bit in the middle of the winter.
 Oregano, also from our old garden and the original plant must be about seventeen years old. I really enjoy drying long stems of this and sprinkling it on lamb with lemon juice in the Greek way.
 Rosemary, from our old garden, I bought two little plants up here and now we have about twenty five. They grow really well in the hot, dry conditions so we plant them all over the place. It feels very decadent cutting huge armfuls and just using it for waste and then seeing sad little stems for $2 in the herb section of the supermarket. 
 Thyme, one of my favourite herbs to use and it took a long while to really get going here, I have a few plants now but this was the original.
To be continued tomorrow.


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