Inventory of Herbs and Spices continued again

What I have learnt from doing this inventory so far is that I have lots more herbs and spices growing than I realised. I am up to twenty three so far and there are quite a lot more to come.

My little Bay tree that almost didn't survive the drought, it is going really well now. Fresh Bay leaves are so different to dried ones.

Curly Leaf Parsley that is just emerging. I usually just use the flat lead variety but used this when we were in Paris and thought that it looked pretty on the plate and tasted good when it was fresh so I decided to grow some.

 Ginger, one the ABC gardening show they did a spot on growing ginger from the bits you buy in the supermarket. It has been quite slow but I have two bits that have sprouted in this pot and some more that will grow in the garden. hopefully this will work and we will have beautiful fresh ginger.
 Lovely variegated Lemon thyme. A little bit of this adds excellent flavour to many dishes.
 Lemongrass from my sister Robyn's garden.
 Mixed Basil growing from seeds.
 Similar to the ginger experiment I heard you can grow fresh Turmeric from rhizomes. I couldn't find any in the garden shops but did find some in a little Asian Grocery shop in Redfern. I hope they will grow. Fresh turmeric is delicious and very good for you.
 Wormwood, has become my main ground cover plant. I got the original plant from the Orange farmers market and have taken many cuttings from it. It looks lovely, smells great, grows well and never needs watering. Perfect for here.


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