Inventory of Herbs and Spices final list

I think I have remembered where I planted all my herbs and spices and this is the final list. I am going to continue to try and source and grow the more exotic and unusual herbs and spices. I have a packet of cumin seeds that I haven't planted yet and am wondering about growing cinnamon, vanilla and nutmeg? I have some Saffron crocus on  order from the  Diggers Club. As well as the improved flavour from fresh herbs and spices growing my own saves a considerable amount of money.
Basil, I managed to keep my basil plants going for about ten months last year so hope to do the same this year. It has so many uses and great flavour. a pot by the door supposedly helps keep the flies away.
Catmint, planted to keep the cat from sitting on other plants and things. I have never seen him near it, he much prefers to sit on my hat if i leave it on the bench at the backdoor.

Coriander Delfino, This variety of coriander is new to me, it appears to be doing much better than the usual coriander and tastes the same. Asian summer salads don't taste the same without loads of coriander.
As you can see the coriander planted at the same time as the Delfino isn't doing nearly as well. I have one plant that came up in a planter box that I will let go to seed and hopefully that will spread over the garden,
Dill, has also been hard to establish here but I have a few large plants going to seed now as well as a punnet of seedlings. I like to be able to give big bunches of this to my Russian neighbour as it is one of the flavours she really misses.
French tarragon, hard to get going but in its second season now.
Vietnamese mint, another key ingredient for Asian salads and such a pretty plant,


Tracy said…
I just received my saffron crocus from Digger's last week. I'm looking forward to seeing how they go.

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