Inventory of Herbs and Spices

It is my aim to be able to do all my food "shopping" in my backyard. As we like to eat a wide variety of food from different cultures and I love to cook this means we need to grow many herbs and spices. The other day I was trying to think what i still needed so decided to make an inventory to see where I was up to. I'll post this, with photos over the next few days. Its an interesting journey and reminds me of the stories attached to all the plants.

Chives transplanted from our old home


Curry Plant, decorative and fragrant

Horseradish, a bit the worse for wear after being attacked by green caterpillars but growing strongly again

Kaffir Lime, survived its first winter out of its pot

Mint, lush and luxuriant growing in lots of places

Flat leaf parsley, started off from a couple of little plants, loves it here and pops up all over the garden in all seasons. This lot from Jemima's garden.
Beautiful Sage, comes up every year from a few little plants that struggled through the worst of the drought.


Green Mama said…
That's a fantastic idea- I should do the same. If it ever stops raining here in Melbourne!

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