Poultry and Peaches

When I got home from work yesterday I discovered that the surrogate chickens, who are being raised by the silkies and living under the peach tree, have discovered they can fly. They had flown up into a low branch of the tree and were picking and eating the peaches. I am glad that I checked that tree yesterday as it is only quite small and they could have made a real mess of it just as the peaches are ripe.

We moved the silkie cage to another spot and netted the tree in case the birds also discover it.

Also decided that the chickens could go up with the other chickens who were hatched in the incubator.

All together we had twelve chickens, three have gone to one of my friends as pets for her children, another six are going to one of our neighbours. We will keep the remaining three but I think two of them are roosters so they are destined to be dinner at some stage. I already have someone wanting more chickens so will set another batch after Christmas. I am literally swapping my chickens for chicken feed so the plan it that they are cost neutral. I will have some turkeys ready to sell soon as well. Shame they weren't ready for Christmas. Next year I will plan better. 


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