Back to watering the garden

It is hard to believe but after all of the Christmas rain I am back to watering the garden. The weather for the past ten days has been quiet hot and dry here, unlike Queensland where it is now flooding.
The hot winds quickly dry things out.
I noticed some of the beans were looking a bit wilted and discovered the soil was very dry and very hot, despite quite a lot of mulch. Our garden is on sandy soil which i like in many ways, but it is a long way from having the amount of organic matter in it that is really needs. One of the great things about all the present lush growth is that it is creating lots of bulky organic matter for composting.I even have lawn clippings this summer. In the meantime it is back to a watering regime. This year there is plenty of water in the dam and the tanks so i don't have to just let things die.



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